there's this film called 'defending your life' with albert brooks in it. it's a bad film but i like it.


talk to my mother on the ‘phone
she gets lonely you know
and then there’s
nobody at home
to keep her company

i try a number of times
there’s nothing on the end of this line
she doesn’t know she’s only as lonely as me

we all keep up this pretence
we’re doing what’s for the best
is it just selfishness
or something real

when i’m helping you out
assuaging fears and cancelling out doubts
is it only because it’s what’s expected of me?

is it the means is it the ends?
is it thought or deed that defines us as friends
we can never be sure that we’re doing the right thing by the people we love

decisions, decisions
love change over long distance
start a new life, start a new family

the disappointments mount up
all the love in the world would not appear to be enough
tell me I am capable
of being happy
I am happy

when we line up to testify
and watch the videotape of our lives
will you be able, hand on heart, to say you were the best you could have been?

don’t turn the lights out yet
there’s something coming
but I don’t know when


from the boy lives, released November 12, 2012



all rights reserved


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